White's Trade Rumors


Scoop Winters

Published Jul 26, 2022  •  Last Updated: Feb 3, 2023

There has been news leaked out about teams interested in potential trades for Koyotes PF Tyron White. Minnesota Lancer SG Sean Williams have been linked to trade rumors. Also, Philadelphia SF Larue Van Dyke has been mentioned. There has been serious talks with Seattle GM Denny Davis discussing a trade circled around 2nd pick in 2023 draft PF Brandon Davis.

But there has not been any confirmation on any of these offers. GM Kelley Avery is keeping everything quiet and within the organization. When asked Koyotes' team reporter Destiny St. Claire she reported that "talks has really heated up between the Sasquatch and the Koyotes, but no details as of yet." The really question will the Koyotes trade White in the conference or try to swing a deal to send him to the eastern conference. We look at history both the Koyotes and the Silverbacks are two of the most active organizations when it come to making trades. Based on history we could see White in a Silverback uniform next season.

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