Tulip Blooms

Chicago Guardians

Lenny Harris

Published Jun 10, 2023

The Chicago Cloud

By: Lenny Harris

Tulip Blooms

In a debut season where he is expected to play a big role in Chicago’s return to SIBA glory, Finn “Tulip” Metternich left his mark with 21 points and 14 rebounds in 34 minutes. It was a moment to see the future of the Chicago scoring duo but tragedy struck as Tulip sustained a broken ankle. As of now the medical team is seeing a 55 day lay off for the rookie sensation and Chicago fans are mourning a season that had all the promise. Finn will now watch his teammates from the bench in crutches as Chicago continues the season.

The team eagerly awaits a return for their rookie as he looks to be the steal of the draft thus far after falling all the way to 7 in the draft and a big training camp that impressed both analysts and fans alike.

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