Trouble In Kansas City


Destiny St. Claire

Published Jul 24, 2022

Trouble In KC

The 3 time champs were sitting on top of the world about to go to their 4th straight finals. Then, the locker room incident happen between Tryon White and Imari Manheimer and the injury to Patrick Bannon the season quickly went sideways. After being eliminated by Portland in the semifinals there were reports of a secret meeting between White and the organization; no information has came out of that meeting, We did get the report from the Koyotes that they have the permission to seek a trade for White.

When asked for a comment White replied, “Whatever the best move for the team. It has never been about me. I will leave it to reporter like you Destiny to narrator the story.” After viewing the comment from White GM Kelley Avery replied, “This is an on-going tough situation that we are doing are best to keep everything in house. But, as far as a player being put on the trade block we have not got that far yet. We are always looking to make our team better. “

We will have to wait and see who will win out, but there is definitely something brewing in KC and this could be the end of the 1st SIBA dynasty.

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