The Sun Rises

Chicago Guardians

Lenny Harris

Published Jun 10, 2023

The Chicago Cloud

By: Lenny Harris

The Sun Rises

The 2026-27 SIBA season is here and the Chicago Guardians started it off with a big game against a title contender in the Phoenix Scorpions. Losing 116-104 at home seems like a stretch to call it good, but rookie sensation Finn Metternich had 21 and 14 which surprised even the crowd!

The team would then blowout the Detroit Legion 87-66 as Alvin Robinson began to stamp his name. Next the team started their 2 game road trip to Detroit and Portland and both were loses were Detroit returned the blowout and Portland won by 5.

The biggest takeaway so far this season has been the contract man, SG Alvin Robinson out of North Carolina who has been touted as a future star for his position but Chicago had yet to see it. Now 3 years in the game; Alvin has racked up 19.4 PPG, 9.6 RPG on 44% from the field, 40% from the field and 59% true shooting. Making his mark now, the 22 year old is looking to get PAID this year and this is the way to do it. If he keeps this up; Chicago must match anything he desires

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