The Metros make Gibson, Smith, and Sheppard available.


Samuel Mont

Published Jul 20, 2022

Breaking News:

The Metros make Gibson Smith and Sheppard available.

The Metros today have made 3 of there rosters core players available for trade sources close to the situation confirm. Metros beat reporter Samuel Mont wrote an article a few weeks back speculating that there were internal rumblings that the front office has a desire to move in a different direction in some core areas and predicted that a major shake up could be imminent. Now with the offseason drifting closer and closer it seems those domino’s have begun to fall.

The Metros are geared up to be one of the more aggressive teams this off-season among other contenders such as the Calgary and Koyotes as they look to improve there roster and establish themselves as a contender.

Sheppard is a surprise name that wasn't mentioned as an option to be traded. Expect the Metros to be very aggressive in matching any offer for the veteran PF in an attempt to retain him or move him in a sign and trade. Sheppard who will be 33 is coming off a solid year averaging 17/1/6 on 54/40/74 splits. His market is unknown at the moment but it is thought it will be defined very early on in the offseason.

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