The Mamba Chronicles: Summer League Edition

Los Angeles Mamba
Summer League

Lesane Crooks

Published May 20, 2023

Week 1 - Mamba Rolls Past Lancers 122-106; Brian Sides Drops 31-9

The Mamba went on with an amazing debut as they were able to beat the Minnesota Lancers 122-106 on their 1st Summer League game. The Mamba hits 22/44 3FG & scored 42 pts in the 2nd Qtr alone to pace the game. Rookie big man Brian Sides drops game-high 31 pts on 11/13 FG, 7/9 3FG & 2/2 FT along w/ 9 rebs, 3 asts & 3 blks as he was named player of the game. Helping him was forward Jason Thomas who drops 20 pts, 4 rebs & 3 asts, SG Patrick Green hits 5/7 3FG for 16 pts while off the bench both Nick Falconer & Alfred Howe contributed 13 pts each. For the Lancers rookie Kristian Mansell drops team-high 25 pts w/ 7 asts & 5 rebs but committed 8 turnovers, helping him off the bench was Rylan Anderson who puts up 17 pts, 4 rebs & 3 asts off the bench.

ROOKIE WATCH: Top Mamba rookie Reginald "Slim" Martin had a decent debut as he scored 12 pts had 5 asts, 4 rebs & 2 blks however he only shot 2/5 FG (1/1 3FG) but did attack very well as he was 7/7 FT, he looks flashy out there creating for himself & others. Another rookie Daniel Street who is on a 2-way contract was off target as he shot 2/10 FG (2/8 3FG, 2/2 FT) for only 8 pts off the bench while another 2-way contract rookie Teddy Mitchell had it much worse as he shot 1/12 FG (0/4 3FG, 3/4 FT) for just 5 pts w/ 7 rebs. Sides the late 1st round pick of the Mamba was the key as he was virtually unstopabble & his ability to stretch the floor has been very impressive. The undersized big showed his craft playing mostly at the PF position.

WEEK 2 - Big Horns Dominates Mamba 100-87; Slim Martin Struggles

The Mamba was dominated early by the Big Horns who came in hot opening the game w/ 36-18 1st qtr & didn't look back as they dominated the game winning 100-87. The Mamba has no answer for Roderick Barber who leads the Denver w/ 19 pts, 8 asts, 3 rebs & 3 stls off the bench while young PG Lance Wilson eas their top scorer w/ 20 pts, 7 asts & 7 rebs. The Mamba was lead by Jason Thomas who posted 20 pts, 4 asts, 4 stls & 3 rebs while rookie big man Brian Sides shot 7/14 FG (1/7 3FG, 1/2 FT) for 16 pts w/ 6 stls, 5 rebs, 3 asts & 2 blks.

ROOKIE WATCH: The Mamba's star rookie Slim Martin was off as he only played 23 mins as he committed 5 fouls & team worst 7 turnovers, he was only able to score 2 pts on 0/3 FG, 0/3 3FG & 2/2 FT along w/ 3 rebs & 1 stl. Off the bench Daniel Street shot 5/11 FG (2/7 3FG) for 12 pts while Teddy Mitchell goes for 11 pts on 4/9 FG (2/2 3FG, 1/2 FT) he also pulled 5 boards. Sides continues to be a solid contributor for the Mamba in their first 2 games. Slim Martin haven't yet to showcased his potential that made him the #2 pick overall of this year's draft.

THE NOISE: "We are very impressed w/ Brian (Sides) & he is looking comfortable out there. Slim (Martin) have shown flashes of brilliance in his 1st game but was really off his game in the 2nd game & we are hoping he bounces back, it's still early. With the kind of pressure on these kids' shoulders we do understand it of course. The 2-way guys has been showing up as well & we'll continue to observe them this Summer League," HC Reggie Blunt said about the Mamba rookies this first 2 games of Summer League.

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