The Mamba Chronicles: Summer League Edition Part 3

Los Angeles Mamba
Summer League

Lesane Crooks

Published May 22, 2023

Game 5 - Monarchs Strong Finish Downs Mamba; Slim Ends Summer League Shaky

The Mamba actually started strong w/ a 34-24 1st qtr but the Monarch owned the rest of the game being outscored in all 3 qtrs to beat them 104-114. The Monarch's forces 20 turnovers as they took advantage of & came away w/ the 10-point victory. Donnell Bailey & Jacob Fox both dropped 20 markers as Ray Wilcox off the bench added 19 pts on his own, Dan Smith finished w/ 18 pts while Brian Gates helped w/ 13 pts. The Mamba was lead by 16 pts & 7 rebs in 23 mins by Brian Sides while Jason Thomas, Teddy Mitchell & Nick Falconer (off the bench) all scored 15 pts each, Alfred Howe managed to add 10 pts as well off the bench. Top rookie Reginald Martin stuggled heavily committing 8 turnovers & 5 fouls while finishing w/ only 8 pts as well as 6 asts & 4 rebs.

ROOKIE WATCH: Slim Martin struggled quite heavily this game as he shot 2/8 FG (0/4 3FG, 4/4 FT) for only 8 pts w/ 6 dimes & 4 asts but the bad thing is he recorded 8 turnovers & was called for 5 fouls in just 25 mins of play. Daniel Street was given the start in their last game of the Summer League but he didn't respond well shooting 4/10 FG, 0/2 3FG, 1/1 FT for 9 pts w/ 6 rebs, 3 asts, 1 stl & 1 blk. The rookie bigs did play well enough as Brian Sides shot 7/10 FG, 1/4 3FG, 1/1 FT for team-high 16 pts w/ 7 rebs & 1 stl while Teddy Mitchell posted a double-doible of 15 pts, 13 rebs, 2 blks, 2 stls & 1 ast in just 23 mins he shot 7/9 FG (1/1 FT). All 4 rookies started in the final game of their Summer League stint.


PG Reginald Martin, Rookie - As expected the 6'8" PG shown flashes of his potential & swag as his artistic flair was in full effect all summer league long but he didn't really stand out or played to his high expectations, he averaged 10.2 ppg on 39.4% FG, 38.1% 3FG & 89.5% FT while dishing out 6 apg & snagging 2.6 rpg in 26.4 mpg the alarming number was his turnovers & fouls as he register team-high 4.6 turnovers per game & 3.8 fouls per game. He will mature soon enough but as far as potential goes, the sky is the limit with the "Slim Reaper", that's for sure.

SF Jason Thomas, 2 Yrs Pro - The 23 yrs old swing man was the team's obvious best player as he posted 20.8 ppg on 48.2% FG, 37.9% 3FG & 78.6% FT w/ 4.2 rpg, 2.6 apg & 2 spg in 5 games. He improved his stock this Summer League & was a capable go-to-guy for the young Mamba, he was the bright spot on this Summer League team & the team was happy with his performance & that may find him some mins coming into the season.

C Brian Sides, Rookie - The undersized big wowed everybody w/ his strong performance in the Summer league as he was posted at PF the whole time due to his 6'8" frame but he didn't disappoint as he was the 2nd leading scorer posting game norms of 15.2 ppg on 58% FG, 38.7% 3FG & 85.7% FT along w/ 6 rpg, 2.4 apg, 1.8 spg & 1.4 bpg, did he show enough to impress the coaching staff to give him a chance next season is the big question however there are a lof of positive about his game than negative which bodes well for his chances.

SF Daniel Street, Rookie - Street was impressive coming off the bench 4 out of the 5 games this Summer League, his strong play in the 2nd unit have caught people's attention as he average 13.6 ppg on 47.3% FG, 40.6% 3FG & 100% FT along w/ 2.4 rpg, 1.4 apg & 1.6 spg as well he is developing a 3&D role for himself as his 40.6% 3FG was on 6.4 3FG attempts per game, his length & active hands compliments him as a defender. As a rookie on a 2-way deal he needs to do more to secure a regular spot for the Mamba.

C Teddy Mitchell, Rookie - "Teddy Bear" Mitchell showed his stretch big ability which was made the Mamba intrigued about him in the 1st place the late 2nd rounder posted 12.2 ppg on 48.1% FG, 42.9% 3FG & 72.7% FT w/ team-high 8.2 rpg w/ 1 spg as well, the 7'3" big man has turned some heads but like Street he would need more than that to secure a place in the Mamba rotation next season, as a 2-way deal player though he will have his chances w/ the Mamba's D-Leagu affiliate.

PG Nick Falconer, 1 Year Pro - The D-League journeyman finally found some pro minutes in the SIBA last season at 26 yrs of age. He was assigned to help the Mamba's Summer League team this year but he wasn't as impactful he averaged 11.6 ppg on 37.7% FG, 22.2% 3FG & 93.3% FT w/ 4.4 apg, 2.6 rpg & 1.8 spg in 21.6 mpg off the bench. He is Slim Martin's reliever but it seems that he hasn't found his touch as well as both Mamba PGs shot below 40% this Summer League, he will be under a microscope moving forward this season.

C Reece Cullen, Rookie - Cullen hasn't played a pro minutes in the SIBA yet as he was drafted last season by the Mamba as the 5th pick in the 2nd round as an 18-year old undersized big. The 6'8" wide-body big man was decent on his role as a backup big as he averaged 6.8 ppg on 56% FG, 20% 3FG & 55.6% FT w/ 4.8 rpg & 1.8 apg however he hasn't flashed anything that could make the Mamba put him on the regular roster as he likely will spend another year in the D-League as he is still young (19 yrs old) but his undersize nature is tough to fill within the system.

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