The Charge Open The Exit Door

Calgary Charge

Sportsnet 960 The FAN

Published Apr 8, 2023

CFAC 960, SportsNet 960 The Fan™, has received a statement from Calgary Charge owner Frank Jones advising that General Manager Vann the Red (VtR) has been terminated by the organization for his failure to return the club to at least the WCF finals after their Cinderella run to the SIBA championship in 2023. “He sat in my office and promised me the Finals. We are not in the Finals,” said Jones.

CFAC contacted VtR for comment and he replied, “I will always be grateful to Mr. Jones for the opportunity to serve him and the fans of Calgary. He has the right to employ whomever he chooses. It was a great five years and I have nothing but fond memories.” CFAC sources indicate VtR might not be available for long.

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