SIBA Expansion News


Scoop Winters

Published Apr 20, 2023

With the 2025 season coming to an end the SIBA league as we know will be changing. There will be two new teams Jacksonville Jackals and the San Francisco Pride. Both teams have already made some moves to kick off their franchise. After being fired from Calgary (VTR) Vann The Red got a mysterious phone call the same day and on the other line was the Jacksonville Jackals asking if he would like to create a championship organization here. VTR response was absolutely!!!

San Francisco when they were officially announced they had already decided on who they wanted to run their organization. Many thought that it would be GM Kelley Avery from KC, but those rumors turned out to be not true. Then many speculated that maybe GM Brittani Avery would be taking the job. When asked her response was, “certainement pas” in English no way. Now that the season is over with the Pride can announce that their new GM to run the show will be GM Brooks Ward Jr. from the Toronto Roar. When asked about taking the job Brooks said, “I will really miss The North, but I think it I time for someone else to take that team to the next level. I want to start fresh with nothing on the board and build something special.”

Now with two human coaches for the expansion teams the draft will be live on Zoom. This should be an exciting way to kick off the new season with DDSPB23. Looking forward to all the excitement.

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