Metros New Owner


Natalie Marivocovich

Published Jul 24, 2022

What you need to know about new Metros owner Brett Fox

Early on June 20th it was announced that billionaire mega fan Brett Fox purchased the New York Metros from the previous owner in a deal estimated to be upwards 10 billion dollars.

Fox who grew up in upstate New York is renown for having significant shares in the other New York sports teams but always expressed a deep interest in acquiring the Metros. “My dad and I would go to see many games at the Garden when I was a kid and one day I told him I’d find a way to run the team when I grew up.” Fox stated in an interview with Metros beat reporter Samuel Mont.

When asked about what his first moves would be and his expectations for the team, Fox excitedly stated “Its championship or bust baby!” He then expressed his desire for GM Leon Rose to bring back HC Nate Williams who happens to be a dear family friend. “Nate is a great guy and he’s obviously a great coach with all the success he’s had so hopefully we can get him back in house.” Fox also took time to announce his plans to establish an exclusive streaming service for the Metros stating that “It’ll be a very beneficial service for our fans worldwide who crave all things Metro coverage 24/7 - 7 days a week.”

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