Memphis Vandals Part Ways with HC Scott Gosley, Promote Jamie Landry, and Welcome Neil Simon as First Assistant

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Scoop Winters

Published Nov 1, 2023

By: Scoop Winters

Memphis, TN - In a surprising turn of events, the Memphis Vandals have announced their decision to part ways with Head Coach (HC) Scott Gosley and promote Assistant Coach Jamie Landry to the top coaching position. The Vandals have also made a significant addition to their coaching staff by bringing in Neil Simon as their First Assistant Coach.

The decision to move on from HC Gosley comes after a challenging start of the season for the Vandals, during which they struggled to secure wins and maintain a competitive edge in the league. The team's management, led by General Manager Jack Smith, made the difficult choice to make a change at the head coaching position in the hopes of revitalizing the team's performance.

"We want to express our appreciation for HC Gosley's dedication and hard work during his tenure with the Vandals," Smith stated in a press release. "However, we believe that it is time for a fresh start and new leadership. Jamie Landry has proven herself as a capable coach and is well-acquainted with our team's dynamics. We have full confidence in her ability to guide the Vandals to success."

Promoting Jamie Landry, who has been an integral part of the coaching staff for several seasons, is seen as a logical step to maintain continuity within the team. Landry is widely respected for her strategic insight and her ability to connect with the players, making her a popular choice among the Vandals' roster.

In addition to the promotion of Jamie Landry, the Vandals have also made a significant addition to their coaching staff by welcoming Neil Simon as the team's First Assistant Coach. Simon brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective to the Vandals, having previously worked with successful teams in various capacities.

"We are thrilled to have Neil Simon join our coaching staff as the First Assistant Coach," Smith announced. "His extensive knowledge of the game and track record of success will undoubtedly be an asset to our team as we strive to reach new heights in the rest of the season."

The Memphis Vandals are eager to turn the page on a challenging season and are looking forward to the new era under the leadership of Jamie Landry and with the expertise of Neil Simon by their side. The team's fans and supporters are eagerly anticipating a rejuvenated performance in the rest of the season, and the Vandals' management is equally excited about the future of the franchise.

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