Los Angeles Mamba

Lesane Crooks

Published Nov 1, 2023

By:Lesane Crooks

The Mamba made a big move after going 3-0 to start the season by sending 2nd year 6'8" PG Reginald "Slim" Martin along w/ injured PG Kyle Horan & 3 1st Rd Picks to Calgary for All-Star SF Terrell Sherrill along w/ 2x 2nd Rd Picks.

It was quite a surprise as Slim has been the Mamba's starting PG & he was highly-touted coming out as a rookie as he was selected #2 overall by Los Angeles last season but was underwhelming in his rookie year as an 18-year-old big PG. This season although he showed promising defensively, offensively he is still a work in progress & with the Mamba acquiring veteran All-Star big man Abraham Hirsch, the timeline of the team has been accelerated.

Value-wise the trade can be viewed as an overpay as the Mamba sent out their 1st round picks in the next 3 seasons (2028, 2029 & 2030), bartering their future for a win-now window getting All-Star wing Terrell Sherrill & 2028 + 2030 2nd Round Picks as well. The Mamba also sent out injured PF Kyle Horan to make the salaries work and balance the sheets.

"I know a lot of talking heads would question the move, it is quite an overpay but we really want to get a high-caliber wing in Terrell (Sherrill) to get us some size there & get our wing depth solid as well, time will tell if this deal would make sense for us, but we are in the business of winning basketball games from here in out," GM Jerron Grace after the trade.

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