LA Aims for the Stars; Lands Former Number 1 Pick Hirsch


Lesane Crooks

Published Oct 28, 2023

The Mamba Chronicles: By: Lesane Crooks

The Los Angeles made an aggressive move to improve their frontcourt by trading for former #1 pick overall Abraham Hirsch & lockdown undersized wing Donny Harrison for recently signed PF Derrick Wall, 3&D wing Eddie Napier, 2028 & 2030 LA 2nd Rd picks. The move gives Los Angeles a legit 2nd star in Hirsch which can be pivotal to the franchise's intentions to make an appearance in the SIBA playoffs in the Western Conference.

The move gives franchise superstar & current league MVP Hollywood Rob Scott a legit running mate to lead the Mamba to the promise land. The move also landed the Mamba with undersized defensive wing Donny Harrison whom at 6'4" is a known dog in the defensive end & could play both wing positions & occasional point as well if needed be. Hirsch likely will slot at the PF position as the C position will be manned by Steve Phillips w/ Eric Snyder supporting both frontcourt positions.

"We wanted to make the playoffs this year & the opportunity presented itself when Minnesota talked to us about a possibility of a deal surrounding Abe (Hirsch) & we had a little back & forth until we finally agreed on a deal. We love Donny (Harrison) as well, he has that DAWG in him & that mentality will just help us, we will be a little bit undersized in the wing position but I assure you that a Hollywood & Donny wing tandem could cause hella problems in that perimeter. Abe anchoring the inside will be big for us, a true 2nd star, 2nd option that can take pressure off Hollywood is huge for us. We are excited, as much as we love Eddie (Napier), this is a deal that we can't say no to," GM Jerron Grace said about the deal.

As of press time, the starting lineup looks will be Reginald "Slim" Martin at PG, Hollywood Rob Scott at SG, The Honey Badger Donny Harrison at SF, Abe Hirsch at PF & the veteran Steve Philips at C. Depth is lead by C Eric Snyder, tools wing Jason Thomas & rookies in sharpshooter Dana Adams & perimeter defender Sarath Vaka. It will be exciting in Los Angeles this coming season & we can't wait for the Mamba to finally strike!

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