Jared Eaton

Published Aug 4, 2022

New Indiana GM Tom Lacher has made some waves in regards to the Express roster after just a few weeks on the job. “I wanted to put my stamp on this team while also realizing I need to do that within the framework of making sure any move is going to compliment Collier Perez. That’s who we are building around.”, stated Lacher.

The first big move came just days into Lacher’s tenure. He traded Indiana’s 2024 and 2026 1st round draft picks, 2025’s 2nd Round pick plus disgruntled SF Beau Smiley and SG Dave Demory to New York for the Metro’s mercurial SF Justin Gibson. Lacher said, “Getting Gibson, I think, sent a message to our fan base and the rest of the division that the Express are serious.” Gibson gives Indiana a legit perimeter scoring threat to help ease the burden on 3-time SIBA MVP Collier Perez. Lacher believes the Perez-Gibson combo can be one of, if not the best, Forward duos in the league. “I think their respective skill sets complement each other very well. They will be very fun to watch.”, said the GM.

However, the Gibson deal was not the only trade Lacher made. Indiana completed a deal with the Atlanta Attack that sent SG David Flint, who had just recently been signed to an extension, and Indy’s 2025 1st plus the team's 2026 2nd for PG/SG Reece Griffith, C Joseph Wheeler, and the Attack’s 2026 2nd rounder. “The priority for us in this deal was to get some young, proven players to add to our rotation.”, said Lacher. “We really like what Griffith and Wheeler bring to the mix.”

The addition of Wheeler, an All-Star Game starter last season, brings into question the future of C Abraham Hirsch. “No comment.”, stated Lacher when asked. There have been rumblings in Indianapolis of a major deal involving Hirsch but nothing has been confirmed and no one in the Express front office is talking.

When asked about the direction of this Express team as compared to last season’s, Lacher was vague. “I won’t talk about last season because I wasn’t here.”, stated Lacher. “What I will tell you is that some of the decisions made lineup and strategy-wise last season will not be tolerated this season.” That seems like a thinly veiled threat to Head Coach Shannon Cundiff and his staff.

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