Exit Door Opens New Beginnings


Destiny St. Claire

Published Jun 11, 2023

By: Destiny St. Claire

After stating 2-3 and a team fight GM Kelley Avery wasted no time getting the teams attention. He decided to move newly aquired (SG) Kebu Stidham and Vet (PF) Oliver Leffler and in return bringing back (PG) Brandon Butler. When asked why the hasty move GM Avery responed, "We don't have time for petty game and finger pointing. Now I got my teams attention we only want winners here in KC."

Butler was on KC roster in 2019 and 2020 but never playing a game. In the summer of 2021 he signed a deal worth $24,900,000 over 4 years to play for the Toronto Roar only after multiply trades finding his way back to where it all started in KC.

This is the worst start ever for the Koyotes. Is it a coincidence that the league is filled with more human owners that the KC empire may have met their match. CPU versus Human we will see if the "Great Motivator" can out wit all of the exciting new GM's in the SIBA.

Imari Manheimer had this to say, "We just need to play better. It is my job to get the ball to my teammates. If I do that and we play defense then we usually win. I must do my job for others to do theirs."

@KCfan#1 said, "it is a long season I think GM Avery will figure it out or bring more players who will. Koyotes are leaders of the pack and right now we are nowhere close to that."

Next week games consist of 2 at home against Minnesota and Denver then followed by two road games at Indiana and Detroit. If the Koyotes can make it out of that .500 then we will see what comes next.

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