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Stephen B. Smith

Published Feb 4, 2023  •  Last Updated: Jun 17, 2023

The Rangers found there way to a 2-1 sim this time around, as they seem to drop at least 1 game each sim. But before we get to that, we have a couple of transactions to notify the public of. The first trade was with the LA Mambas. The trade was as follows:

Rangers Send:

Mambas Send:

This trade sees 3 promising youngsters heading to LA along with 2 draft picks, while Dallas brings in a 24-YO proven PG that can dish the rock and play defense, and Akers was just a toss in to make the finances work. Johnson immediately slots into the 6th man spot for this team, as Barry Burns is the current starting Point. In the long run, this trade could potentially go LAs way, depending on much these youngsters develop.

Trade #2:
In a busy day for Dallas's front office as they made not one but two trades. Heres the other one.

Rangers Send:

Roar Send:

This trade is the bigger of the two trades as Dallas needed a bona fid true SG, and they landed themselves a 20 year old top 5 two guard, to go with their top ranked Center (Cunningham), top ranked Small Forward (Lawson) and top 5 ranked PF (Steele). This move makes it so the Rangers entire starting lineup is in the top 50 players in the SIBA. Which could actually be a bad thing, as you dont want to have too many chiefs and not enough indians, if you know what I mean. Croshere did come over with an injury, that kept him out for 3 days, or for this entire sim.

As for the sim, the Rangers went 2-1. as they seem to drop at least game every sim. Lets get to game 1 vs the LA Mamba

Game 1: vs LA Mambas 138-116 W
After they consummated a trade these two teams went at it on the hardwood. The first half belonged to LA as they jumped out to 5 point lead after the first quarter and a 6 point lead at half, leading by the score of 69 (sweet) to 63. Then the second half happened. The Rangers outscored LA 38-21 in the 3rd quarter and 37-26 in the 4th quarter on their way to their 10th win out of 11 games. There were only 4 lead changes in this game. LAs largest lead was 12, and the Rangers was 24. Player Of The Game was none-other-than Rick Lawson who dropped 36 points on 14-25 shooting with 7 boards 3 dishes and 4 steals. Chris Cunningham also played a great B option scoring 32 on 9 of 11 shooting including 14-14 from the charity stripe. He completed his double-double with 10 rebounds. PF Clifford Steele also had a double-double with his 14-rebound 10-point effort on the night, but he did only shoot 3 for 9, but he let his authority be known with 3 big blocks. Barry Burns also joined the double-double club with 14 points on 5 of 7 shooting and 12 assists. In his first game against his former team Brett Johnson seen 20 minutes on the floor and he shot 4 of 9 for 9 points, he also had 4 assists 3 rebounds and a block. Finally, Michael Lee had 29 minutes off the bench and he shot 9 of 12 for 20 points, with 7 rebounds and 4 assist. As a team they shot 60.2% from the floor, and really just owned every aspect of this game, from points in the paint (68-32), to second chance points (26-15) to even fast break points (15-13). On to the next one.

Game 2: @ Calgary Charge 130-139 L
This game was quite the match up. Dallas took the early lead leading 38-33 after one. Calgary faught back to make the score 64-71 at the half. Dallas stormed out of the gate in the third quarter to take the lead back after 3 quarters 96-93. Then the fourth quarter happened. The Calgary Charge, really made a charge in the final stanza, out scoring the Rangers by 12, 46-34, to bring the home crowd to their feets in a lovely 139-130 victory over Dallas. Abaeze Okagbare was the POTG on this night with his 37 points, 9 rebounds, 3 assists, 4 blocks and 5 steals effort, leaving him only 2 assists and 1 block away from the infamous 5 by 5. Rick Lawson showed out during this game though shooting 18 of 34 for 58 points, 13 rebounds 3 assists 2 steals and 1 block. He was the only Ranger that came to play. Cunningham got into foul trouble and only 17 points on 7-11 shooting plus 5 steals, 3 blocks, 4 asssists and 6 rebounds in just 26 minutes on the floor. Steele did actually foul out. No one else on the Rangers are really worth mentioning, except that PG Barry Burns was a DNP - Coach's decision, as Brett Johnson seen a lot of playing time in the tune of 41 minutes, 14 points, 6 assists and 2 steals, oh yeah he also had 1 rebound.

Game 3: Vs Calgary Charge 125-129 W
In the 2nd round of this home-in-home mini series vs Calgary, the Rangers narrowly escaped with a 4 point victory on their home court. Dallas played great basketball through the first 3 quarters outscoring the Charge in each of the first three quarters to take a 106-94 lead heading into the fourth quarter. Calgary got their shit together in that fourth quarter though, as they almost pulled off the come-from-behind victory, but fell just short, losing by 4. They outscored the Rangers by 8 points in that quarter making the final score 129-125. The Rangers, without new acquisition Croshere for the third straight game, certainly didnt get much out of Johnson who only had 3 points, 4 boards and 6 assists. Barry Burns did return for this game though and he played inspired ball as he scored 24 points making 6 of 7 shots including 10 of 11 from the free throw line. He completed his double-double with 10 assists 2 rebounds and two steals. Cunningham once again got into foul trouble committing 5 fouls, which limited his time on the court to 26 minutes as he scored 16 points pulled down 8 rebounds, had 2 assists, 1 steal and 2 blocks. Player of The Game was of course Rick Lawson who scored 45 points making 15 of 32 shots and 12 of 17 from the free throw line. He also notched 8 rebounds, 4 assists and 1 steal. Finally Clifford Steele who also got into foul trouble, seen 27 minutes on the floor for 10 rebounds and 11 points to give him yet another double-double.

Thats all for now folks, until next time this is Steven B Smith, with Dallas Rangers Basketball!

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