Argonauts Must Readjust with Favors' Long-Term Injury

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Sennet Beaulieu

Published Feb 18, 2023

On December 15, early in the game against the Atlanta Attack, Willie Favors went left after 12 minutes of play with a sore wrist. After going back into the locker room, the team doctor announced that it was a broken wrist and Favors would be out until February. After the game, I caught up with head coach Sean McCaffery and asked him about the plans moving forward.

"It's a big blow, unfortunately," he said with a heavy sign, "Willie was starting to get a hang of playing point [guard] all the while still getting the big points as always. The team will have to make some adjustments and guys like Errick [Graham] and Donny [Wilson] will have to step up."

Wilson seemed ready to take on the challenge, while Graham showed a little less enthusiasm. "Knowing how competitive Willie is, this gotta suck," Graham said, "I hope that I can do the man justice taking his role for the moment." With a big grin on his face, Wilson stated that he was "just happy to be here."

Since the sidelining of Favors, the Argonauts have won a couple of games, but have lost more and are suffering even more injuries, albeit much shorter stints than Favors. Currently, Montreal is out of the playoffs and sit three games behind the 8th seed. Despite this, the team is hopefully that they won't get too far behind before Favors can return, allowing themselves to scoot into a playoff spot.

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