2021 Summer League Preview

Summer League

Scoop Winters

Published Jun 25, 2021  •  Last Updated: Aug 2, 2022

We are at the start of the season and summer league play begins tonight. SIBA have some young talent that will be showing their abilities and trying to grow to their full potential. We have 2020 and 2021 1st picks in the draft in summer league play. New Orleans Joe Nixon and Calgary Abaeze Okagbare. The 2020 rookie of the year from Toronto will be here Henry Coley. Like last year will there be any undrafted talent rise and become a key free agent signing for a team this season? GM's scout well your future or your key to a championship could be found in summer league play. Here is a list of the top 10 player from the last two draft classes.

Top 10 Draft Picks from 2020

Top 10 Draft Picks from 2021

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