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Published Jul 25, 2021  •  Last Updated: Aug 3, 2022

As the 3rd season starts we will take a look into the Winter's top 10. Last season champs Kansas City held off the Scorpions in the western conference finals then easily defended off the Barons in a 4-0 sweep. Now with the new season approaching and a lot of moves let's look into my preseason top 10, conference finals, and prediction champs.

The Phoenix Scorpions

Phoenix brings back everyone to a very good team. What makes them number 1 is they went out and signed (SF) Murry Webb. Any time you can add a 20 plus scorer your team will always be better.

The Indiana Express

Indiana has the best player in the league (PF) Collier Perez. Adding Shahar Jackson will help them on the offensive end as well as adding a very good ball handler to take some of the pressure off of Perez.

The Kansas City Koyotes

Kansas City has two of the top 5 players in the league Tyron White and 2 time assist champ Manheimer. Signing (SG) Meechy Correa will give them balance to their lineup and more depth on their bench.

The Portland Rhions

Portland signing of Blackman was key to add another prolific scorer to help Autry carry the load will help the Rhinos be a real player in the hunt for the western conference finals.

The Dallas Rangers

Can you say centers galore! The Rangers have 4 centers that can start on most teams. To get then in the finals they need Michael Lee to step up and handle the scoring load.

The Montreal Argonauts

Montreal needs to keep players on the court. Between injuries and foul trouble it was hard for them last season to play consistently. With the improvement of Bobby Jackson it will add much more depth to the reserve unit.

The Columbus Barons

With smoking mirrors last season the Barons made to the championship series only for their lucky to run out. With little improvement we will have to see what Coach Arnold can do with this team. The Barons need big things from their young (PG) Yevgeny (Geny Pig) Davidenko for them to reach to eastern conference finals.

The San Diego Captians

With one of the best scorers and floor generals in the league Roman Guseinev, if the Captians can get anything out of Luke Merfeld they could make a very good run to the western conference finals.

The Toronto Roar

Toronto has a very young core to their team. Even after signing (PF) Eric Smiley their starting 5 average the age of 23.8 years old. Adding 36 years old (PG) Milton Newman and (C) Ben Murray will help provide some leadership for this young core.

The Miami Sunbirds

Miami has a very young team their starting 5 average 23.2 years old. The Sunbirds needs to get a Center to sure up the middle of their lineup. If (SF) James Roberts and (PF) Tori Grant can pick up the scoring load left by the departure of McDyess they can make a huge run the the eastern conference finals.

Conference Finals

In the eastern conference final we will have Montreal vs. Indiana and in the western conference finals we will have Kansas City vs. Phoenix.

SIBA Finals

We will have Montreal vs. Phoenix

2012 SIBA champs

Phoenix Scorpions

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