The Simulation Internet Basketball Association (SIBA for short) and its related leagues (the developmental and college leagues) was the combined efforts of Kelley and Brittani Avery, a father and daughter team. Sharing a love of basketball and statistics, they worked together to create the league as a way to spend quality time together. Kelley created the teams, logos, and rules of the league while Brittani provided her technical expertise to build the website and other important tools to support it.

The Creators

Kelley Avery

Basketball has always been a major portion of Kelley’s life. He played the game throughout his childhood and in his high school years and shared the love of the game with fifth and sixth grades when he coached little league. However, he has always been a family man at heart and his favorite hobby is spending time with his wife and children.

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Brittani Avery

When not leading her fictional basketball team, Brittani enjoys a variety of hobbies, such as reading, writing, and playing video games. Recently, her hobby of writing has turned into a venture with the publication of her first novel, Element Unknown.

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