The Simulation Internet Basketball Association (SIBA) and its related college (SICBA) and developmental (DBL) leagues are a fictional basketball simulation league using the Draft Day Sports: Basketball programs by Wolverine Studios. In the professional league of SIBA, 30 teams and 30 GM all plan, recruit, trade, train, and play in order to take home the coveted prize of the SIBA Championship. Will you be league champion? Or would you rather be the head of your own college basketball program? In the college league of the SICBA, universities and colleges from all around the United States battle each other to bring the championship to their school.

Whatever your play style, join the SIBA and/or the SICBA and test your basketball coaching and management skills! Read the professional league rules and the college league rules to get a good understanding of the workings of the leagues. Also, be sure to join our Slack community! We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.


Sep 19, 2023

We would like to welcome back Head Coach Don Lookingbill, returning to his previous position with Penn State Nittany Lions. Good to have you back, Don!

Aug 13, 2023

The Texas Longhorns have a new head coach. Please welcome Jalen Johnson!

Jul 26, 2023

With this latest signing, the pro league is officially full! Taking over the Calgary Charge, please welcome Sigandi Legend! He will also be the new head coach of the California Golden Bears.

We cannot thank this community enough for the fun and support!

Jul 23, 2023

One more general manager has joined the SIBA. Please welcome Barry Hunt of the New Orleans Black Bears. This means that there is only ONE team available in the pro league. Thank you so much for all your support in making the SIBA awesome!

Jul 17, 2023

Please give a warm welcome to Billy Hoyle, new General Manager for the San Antonio Monarchs!

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